Lemur Project


Ultimate Touch Control Project for Elektron Analog Rytm

With UTC-LEM-EAR you are master of the performance, taking full control of your Elektron Analog Rytm.

Inspired by Overbridge plugin of Elektron with powerfull access of parameters.
iPad Lemur UTC-LEM-EAR > Analog Rytm > Overbridge

Awesome advanced wireless touch control based on Lemur App for IOS and ANDROID.

Possible to connect midi directly for simply extend the screen of your Analog Rytm in stand alone.

(Need an optionnal midi interface for iPad)

Lemur Project for Elektron Analog Rytm

Advanced Project designed to Lemur software application
for IOS to midi control Elektron Analog Rytm

- Overview Features -

UTC-LEM-EAR is a multitrack midi application control for Elektron Analog Rytm.

Take touch control of all of parameters of your Elektron Analog Rytm in unique dedicaced application.

Specifics and dynamics pages control with zoom access are available for each tracks.

Step Sequenceur 64 Steps with random and preset per tracks.

All modifications controls on UTC-LEM-EAR are instanly synchronised to Overbrigde plugin and hardware Elektron Analog Rytm.

UTC-LEM-EAR can work directly without computer and plugin, just plug midi interface from iPad to Elektron Analog Rytm, and give you an amazing screen
for work and play everywhere.

UTC-LEM-EAR only used midi control, there is no sounds inside.

UTC-LEM-EAR is a project of Lemur Liine application for IOS and Android.

- Details Features -

Sample image

Main Mixer Kit

Main mixer kit view give access to a mixer 12 pistes + FX

Send Delay and Reverb per channel.

Mute and solo functions.

Scene and Performance launch pads in one page with zoom dynamic sections.

Main Mixer
Delay Zoom
Reverb Zoom
Scene Zoom
Performance Zoom

Sample image

Track Overview

Take control of all of parameters for each specific tracks.

Dynamics pages control with zoom access.

Synth sections with dedicaced controller.

Sample, Envelopes, Modulations,

Filter, Level, Amp, Trigger and send FX.

Track Overview
Synth Track Menu
Sample Zoom
Envelope Zoom
Mixer Zoom
Modulations Zoom

Sample image

Step Sequenceur 64 Steps

These are the most powerful step sequencers for Analog Rytm.

Step Random, Pitch, Tranformations, Midi track off, Midi Panic functions per channel for intuitive and creative performance.

Each melodic sequence can be up to 64 steps long with individual articulation of pitch, velocity and gate time per note.

The drum sequencer has 12 separate tracks per sequence.

16 Presets per tracks are instantly accessible with Save / Load.

In Midi slave mode, it's easy to records each tracks in real time on Elektron Analog Rytm for backup your creativity.

Step Sequenceur

Sample image

Global FX

Global FX page is dedicaced with Delay, Reveb, Compressor, Distortion and LFO for total control.

Global FX

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